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About the Gallery


What is the story behind the name of the gallery? 

A note from Meghan Shogan - Owner & Director

Historically, the production spaces where different trades created architectural elements for a building were located on or near the build site and were often called the Works department. Each trade had their own Shop. Vault Stone Shop doesn't refer to a gift or retail shop, but a workshop.

These adjoining workshops were vibrant communities, allowing for cross pollination of inspiration and technological advancement between different trades, a strong tradition of transmitting knowledge to youth, and a playful spirit. The pranks and antics that went on among tradespeople had a tendency to

show up on the building fabric in the form of hidden  comical and subversive imagery.

I felt that this gallery should be carved out as a permanent art space that would eventually (and hopefully) grow beyond what I could offer as an individual artist.


 I felt it was fitting to keep the intention of a trades workshop for the exhibition space. As the neighborhood goes through changes and expands vertically, it is important to keep a metaphysical workshop of artists at hand to make sure that the cultural fabric produced during this construction is  reinforced by their visions as artists, and to serve as a space for artistic exchange within the community.

Please consider donating time, beverage sponsorship,or direct funding to Vault Stone Shop to help sustain this environment. Our most immediate material need is track lighting.

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