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Call for Art

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Join 6 Austin based artists to appease the Patron Saint of our gallery, St. Elmo, with a visual tribute in celebration of his Saint Day on June 2nd. 

We are seeking a 7th artist to contribute work(s) exploring the concept of ‘Intermediaries to the Divine.’ This could include traditional Saint imagery of the Catholic tradition, intermediary characters from other religions, secular practices with ritual patterns (celebrity worship, technology worship, pet worship, etc.), and any related criticism/satire of the theme. This exhibit is non-religious affiliated, inclusive of all faiths and people. We will create a visual dialogue about why people would choose to solicit an intermediary instead of talking directly to God, or the object of their [non-religious] worship, what people are praying, wishing, and worrying about right now in our community and country, and how people are using intermediary characters as ritual in a modern context.

Submissions of existing works or pitch ideas for new works are due by Wednesday, March 18th at Midnight.

All completed artwork will then be due by April 18th for installation. Exhibit will run from May 1st until June 27th, 2020. In addition to the opening reception, various events will be held during the run of the show including the WEST Austin Studio Tours and a neighborhood block party on May 31st. 

We are accepting submissions for any size work, any medium, and encourage submission of performance, conceptual, or audio/visual works.

There is also an opportunity to sell multiple smaller works less directly related to the exhibit theme in a "Reliquary" area to take advantage of traffic from WEST.

Please submit the following in an email to

-Up to 7 JPEG images of past works saved with a file name format of: firstname_lastname_#.

Example: meghan_shogan_1.

-Links to website, instagram, or other relevant media

-Description of proposed work including materials, dimensions, or special requirements

Free to apply

A stipend of $300 total is available for the creation of new work or transportation of existing work.

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