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Current Exhibition

Out the Window and Through the Trees

Exhibition of New Work by Alicia Philley

Examining the role that nature has played in sustaining mental health during the pandemic


April 21-24
Daytime private appointments: Limit 5 guests plus the artist.

Friday, April 23, drop in open gallery from 7pm to 9pm, limited capacity, no appointment needed.

Masks required regardless of vaccination status.


Out the Window and Through the Trees, diptych of acrylic on cradled birch panels, 36" x 48," 2021. 

Works by Alicia Philley. Her statement:

"These paintings flowed out of my experiences in nature during this past year; time among trees and along trails that provided room for mental healing and a safe space to connect with others. The outdoors continues to be safest place we can be together. 

This painting was commissioned by the New Jersey-based photographer Isaac Stackell. Several of the images he took every morning from the window of his home during this past year will also be on display. His photos of sunrises--witnessed because of stay-at-home orders that interrupted his daily commute for months at a time--became a color reference for

my work as well as a metaphorical space for us to talk about how nature was helping us cope. 

As more people get vaccinated and we consider how to move forward, we need to keep talking about how to care for our mental health so we can support our neighbors and the larger communities we live in. Artwork and nature need to be part of that conversation. 

I would love to share this art with you before it flies off to its new home. I would love to connect and hear your stories about what has helped you through this year."

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